Terms of Service

Terms of Service

a) Definitions:

1)  “I Drive 4 You” means “Authorised Driver” of your (the Client’s) vehicle,

2)  “Client” means “Person or Persons accepting the service of the nominated Authorised Driver”, with permission to drive the Client’s vehicle as agreed.

b)  The Authorised Driver will only operate any vehicle owned by the Client where:

1)  the vehicle is fully comprehensively insured and has statutory Third Party Insurance,

2)  where both documents (Clause b) a ) are noted fully in detail on the Authorised Driver’s ‘Client Confirmation & Transport Details’ form.

c)  The Client’s vehicle must be fully registered.

d)  The Client’s vehicle should be clean inside and out.

e)  Where child restraints are required, the Client accepts total responsibility that those restraints are:

1)  safe,

2)  meet and conform to child restraint legislation,

3)  not the responsibility of the Authorised Driver, and the Authorised Driver has no liability if Clauses e) 1 & 2 are not adhered to.

f)  The Client accepts that the number of persons signed and booked at the time of engagement cannot be altered, and that the Authorised Driver has the right to refuse carriage of any extra persons other than those the client originally booked and signed for.

g)  All added extra expenses such as fuel, meals, accommodation, vehicle repairs or the like will be at the client’s expense and remunerated to the Authorised Driver where the Authorised Driver has receipted claims to the Client and immediate payment applies.

h)  The Authorised Driver will, after drop off, return the vehicle to the Client’s address and the kilometres will be recorded.

i)  In case of vehicle breakdown, the client should have a Roadside Assist Authority. If not, the client gives total authority for the Authorised Driver to call the Client’s nominated 3rd Party Emergency Contact (as advised on the ‘Client Confirmation & Transport Details’ form) for assistance. Or in the event the nominated 3rd Party Emergency Contact cannot be reached, the Client gives total authority to the Authorised Driver to have the vehicle towed to a place of agreement between the client and the Authorised Driver.

j)  The Authorised Driver will at all times endeavour to be on time, but will never be liable for any cost when Force-Majeure (Act of God) events have prevented the Authorised Driver to be on time.

k)  The Authorised Driver will not accept smoking in the vehicle.

l)  All road tolls (as charged by RMS) are the responsibility of the the Client.

m)  Any infringement penalties are the responsibility of the Authorised Driver when in use of the Client’s vehicle.

n)  Fuel as ticked on the ‘Client Confirmation & Transport Details’ form by the Client is the only accepted fuel.

o)  Oil, water and correct tyre pressure are the Client’s responsibilities.

p)  If any damage occurs to, including total loss of the vehicle, the Authorised Driver is indemnified. Included is any event of an unintended collision between clients vehicle and any other objects or foreign matter. In all such events the Authorised Driver is indemnified.

q)  The Driver must be an Authorised Driver holding a current driver’s licence.

r)  All relocation to or from any destination will be quoted, agreed to, and paid for by the Client prior to delivery. (Clauses g & i will also apply)

s)  A Cancellation Fee of 10% of the initial agreed price applies if the Client’s notification of cancellation is not received by the Authorised Driver at least 24 hours prior to the agreed departure pick-up time. The accepted proof of the full 24 hour’s notice of cancellation being given to I Drive 4 You will be a copy of the original time-stamped SMS or email cancellation notification the Client sent to the Authorised Driver to notify them of the cancellation..

t)  The right to use a debt recovery agent with all collection costs added to Client under the ACCC & ASIC Guidelines Sect 19(g) will apply if the cancellation fee is not paid or any other unpaid cost are due to the Authorised Driver.

u)  No personal information will be disclosed to any party, persons or companies at any time.

v)  On returning, where flights or ship cruises are delayed, the client will at all times make full endeavours to contact the Authorised Driver by phone, text, email or a 3rd party contact to notify the Authorised Driver of the new arrival time.

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Here’s what our happy customers had to say about our services

My husband and I live on the Central Coast and had a function to attend in Sydney, and not wanting to stay overnight we were wondering how we could make it work without one of us having to drive. Ray (I Drive 4 You) came very highly recommended by some close friends of ours, and I must say, we were not disappointed! Ray was on time, courteous and above all a fantastic driver!! It took all the stress out of finding parking in the City and my husband and I were able to enjoy a night out together, have a few drinks, and still manage to get back home (and all in our own car!!!) It’s a much better and cheaper option than an UBER, we will definitely be using this service again. I could not recommend Ray and the team enough! Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

Ruth and Matt, Central Coast

What a wonderful, friendly service at such a appropriate price! Ray was so helpful and friendly and made sure I got home with my car safely after a long few days. It was so easy to organise, and I will definitely be using this service again! Thanks so much again Ray, really enjoyed the laughs and chat on the way home!!

Sam, Forresters Beach

Early morning start…both of us were pleased to have Ray drive us to the International Airport on our trip to Bali. He is punctual, a great communicator, and was most accommodating when we wanted to stop. A really smooth and very capable driver. On return pickup we were tired and so pleased to see our nice clean car there to pick us up. Slept all the way home. Highly recommend.” The Grateful Rudd’s ????

Mark & Charity Rudd, Wamberal, Central Coast, NSW

Had to attend an urgent client meeting in Canberra which I had to prepare for. No flights available and had about 3 hours worth of work to do. Solution…idrive4you. The friendly driver jumped in my car and off we went. Sitting in the passengers seat with my laptop allowed me to get everything done, and whilst I attended the meeting, my driver waited for three hours before driving me back home. Stopped whenever I liked, enjoyed the scenery and got home stress free. Thoroughly recommend the experience.

Barry Calabria, Accountant

Hi Ray, Just wanted to let you know….. That was the most unstressful trip to the Airport I have ever had. We usually catch the train to the airport, but at that hour of the morning and that much luggage it is really hard going with the whole family in tow. We also would need a taxi to the Train station and pray that it all runs on time! We left ON TIME, with nobody yelling, the car was loaded for me, drank my coffee and checked my emails on the way, delivered right to the correct check in area at departures! On our return the plane was delayed, but there was Ray waiting patiently to collect us all, with nice cold bottles of water, and even stopped off for snacks for the trip home. This is definitely the way to go! Thanks so much Ray. X Hudson / Corse-Scott Family

Nicole Corse-Scott & Family, Aromatherapist